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Written Testimonials

What Our Patients Say About Us

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Since I've completed my initial care to get my back and nervous system back on track, I'm getting full nights of rest, not waking up with numb hands, my energy levels have came up so high that I am able to exercise and feel comfortable! As a matter of fact, I lost about 15lbs! I'm no longer getting sick and losing my voice because my immune system feels better then it has ever felt! I FINALLY FEEL COMPLETELY HEALTHY AGAIN!!!!!

Auto Accident Injury Doctor
Karla Zagala

Nothing makes your day like a good adjustment. I happen to have the best chiropractor in town, I am never in pain for longer than it takes to drive to Dr. Barham's Office!

Auto Accident Chiropractor
Gwen Hern

My life has been directly affected by receiving Chiropractic from Dr. Barham. I have less pain and HOPE! There is now comfort knowing the I can actually be pain free one day! I feel as if the broken pieces are finally being put back together!

Emergency Chiropractic
Starla Stone

I speak very highly of Chiropractic and this office specifically! they have managed to work out a solution to a problem hospitals have been stumped about for years! I can do more day to day activities then I ever used to be able to do!

Emergency Chiropractic
Strawberri Knight

At my job I do a lot of lifting and standing and since coming to Dr. Barham, I am able to stand longer and lift with A LOT less pain!! My husband also says I'm a lot happier and have a lot more energy at home. when i get home from work i feel more like doing something instead of wanting to just lay down and rest.

Emergency Chiropractic
Peggy Duncan

Dr. Barham knows his stuff! he is in excellent Doctor that works great with you and actually cares! Since getting treated, I have no more headache, no more knots between my shoulders and a lot less discomfort throughout my whole body! I actually wake up feeling ready for the day!

Emergency Chiropractic
Warren Jackson

Barham chiropractic is a very pleasant experience! They never pressure you to do anything you don't want to, and i'v have had Very Excellent results! THANKS!

Emergency Chiropractic
Janet Jimenez

Dr. Barham's office is very professional! He explains what and why specific treatments are being done in a way that is so easily any can understand it!

Emergency Chiropractic
Stuart Anderson

At first I was uncertain and not sure how this would help me, but I immediately felt better after my FIRST TREATMENT! I would recommend Dr. Barham and his office to anyone! The day before one of my treatments I had a hard fall and really hurt my shoulder. I showed up for my next appointment and Dr. Barham asks me if I have any shoulder pain because my shoulder was slightly off! it amazed me because I didn't tell him anything about my fall!

Emergency Chiropractic
Lynda Li

If I was asked to describe the treatment and the overall feeling of the office, the words that come to mind are Relaxing, Therapeutic, and Quick! There is no area where this office can serve me better!!

Emergency Chiropractic
Destiny Pavlacka

This office is very friendly and helpful! the treatments are easy and pain free! I actually feel relaxed after every treatment!

Emergency Chiropractic
Anne Gadd

My treatment consists of Neck, Lower and Upper back adjustments, Muscles Stimulation Therapy to relax my muscles, and stretching on my own at home with stretches from Dr. Barham. MY BODY IS FEELING GREAT NOW!!!

Emergency Chiropractic
Amber Farley

This office is very friendly and welcoming. Also very supportive! they are there to get you out of pain and rehabilitate your injuries no matter what it takes! The service is quick and great!

Emergency Chiropractic
Crystal Lerma

  Stop Suffering From Auto Accident Injuries.